Wakatobi Diving

From the depths of the Banda Sea, southeast of Sulawesi, rise the main islands of Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, Binongki, commonly known as Wakatobi. The Wakatobi National Park is set in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which has been called one of the most bio-diverse regions of the Indo-Pacific region and even of the world. Here you can find large portions of all reef types: fringing, atoll and barrier, making your diving experience unique as you will get to see incredibly colourful corals teeming with sea life from large trevallies fish and schools of barracuda to small nudibranchs and cleaner shrimps.

Wakatobi Diving and Snorkeler’s Paradise

There is the exclusive Wakatobi Resort dive centre ready to suit you up and send you exploring in the depths of these waters. The reefs of Wakatobi are unlike any others that can be found in the region, because of the drier climate and uplifted limestone, meaning they are fossilised reefs. Whether you decide to scuba dive or snorkel, Wakatobi is an ideal place, as you will most definitely be enchanted by the great diversity of marine life and the superb shallows on the coral tops. The coral top is engulfed by the seagrass that houses species such as filefish, blue-ringed octopus and humphead parrotfish.  The vibrant corals are called home by the young of many colourful species.

Incredible diving experiences that will mesmerize you

The Coral Garden is an amazing dive site, which is really a big bowl, spanning 40 metres across. The inside of this bowl is covered with a dazzling assortment of mixed coral forms and formations at all depths. It’s not just coral though, as there are all sorts of marine creatures that either reside here or are just passing by. After the adrenalin of getting down through the current, suddenly once in the bowl, all is calm.

Wakatobi is truly a heaven for the species that live here, as they are protected from man’s harmful intrusions, a pristine underwater environment that is ideal for divers of all kinds.