The area of Flores attracts many tourists with its smoking volcanoes, rich culture, pristine beaches and extraordinary diving spots.

The well-known Komodo National Park can be accessed from the town of Labuan Bajo, but divers here should have some prior experience as the area is known for its rapid and powerful currents. Here you’ll have the chance of walking on deserted white-sandy beaches, see surreal volcanic lakes and encounter an abundance of species, both inside and out of water.

An abundance of great diving spots

Eastern Flores is home to some very popular dive sites such as Magic Log, where you can find ribbon eels and frogfish. Here also lives the very rare weedy scorpionfish (Rhinopias), along with the wonderpus octopus. Headlands and channels can be found across the coastline of the island and these have become very frequented by divers on liveaboards. In this region there are a lot of unchartered territories that have yet to be discovered, piquing the interest of many explorers and divers.

Home to a variety of sea life

The dive sites of the island are located quite far apart from each other on the long northern coastline, so the only way to visit them all is by an Indonesian liveaboard. In Maumere, you should not hesitate to hop on a liveaboard diving ship, as you’ll be able to cover more ground. Diving near Maumere involves trips to islands such as Babi Island, Adonara Island or Lambata Island, which have sloping reefs and walls, that are inhabited by snappers, parrotfish, angelfish and damselfish. Along the way there will be a lot of current filled drop-offs and also good muck diving around the bay.

Flores is a great island that has a lot of excellent diving spots in its clear, surrounding waters, which are teeming with unique, local sea life and walls of coral reef.

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