Going to Raja Ampat/Misool diving means there are some outstanding dive spots to consider like Magic Mountain or Selat 2. Of course, in this region are many different dive spots. As one of the best diving areas of the world it is impossible to find bad dive spots in this area.

Misool Diving Underwater World

Special highlights of Misool diving

Around 1500 different underwater species live in Raja Ampat. Nowhere else you will find more biodiversity. There are pristine hard coral gardens, lush soft corals, busy walls, manta cleaning stations, sharks, turtles, and much more. Unique species in this area are mandarin fish, blue ring octopus, pygmy seahorse, walking sharks, and nudi. We want to highlight just a few of our must see dive spots which can be reached best from the Misool Eco Resort.

Misool Diving Highlights


Magic Mountain and Gus Ridge

You are looking for the big fish like manta? One of the best Misool dive spots to watch manta is Magic Mountain. Placed in the middle of the sea you dive into open water. Around ten meters under the water surface you will see the top of Magic Mountain covered by corals and crowded by lots of small fishes. In this depth you find also a cleaning station of the mantas. Further down in 20 meters depth there is another cleaning station. Even if you don’t dive, you can visit Magic Mountain for snorcheling and watch the manta from above. Please consider that the currant there can be quite strong.

Another great place for manta watching in this area is called Gus Ridge.

Misool Diving Manta

Selat 2

For divers interested in a beautiful coral garden, we can recommend the Misool dive spot Selat 2. This spot in around 6-8 meters depth is not pretty deep but sunny and colorful. The coral garden is rich of tropical fish, coral and seashell. There is less to no currant what makes it easy to dive in this area.

Misool Diving Selat2

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