The story behind the Misool Eco Resort in the region of Raja Ampat, West Papua, is simply outstanding. The British founder has worked on one of the dive boats in Raja Ampat for some years when he met his big love. Originally the Swedish lady just came for vacation but then she decided to extend her stay in Raja Ampat. Together they founded the Misool dive resort on a lonely island, a four hours boat trip away from the city of Sorong. In the beginning they invested 20 000 pounds and lived over one year in a tent to build up the resort cottage by cottage. This was pretty hard work. Today it’s an unique getaway destination for divers and underwater photographers.



The Misool Eco Resort Lifestyle

The resort offers villas for around forty visitors. In the North of the island are some water cottages with a stunning view from the veranda and direct water access. There is also one local restaurant, and a dive center with a chill out area.

Misool Eco Resort North Beach

Furthermore there are a few beach and jungle villas on sandy South beach. Every villa provides an open air bathroom, air conditioning, moscito nets, and handcrafted furniture made out of drift wood.

Misool Eco Resort South Beach

A limited wifi connection is only available in the dive center. The restaurant offers a la carte breakfast, family style lunch for sharing, and an announced set menu dinner – also on long family style tables. This means it’s easy to find new friends with a strong passion for diving. In case you want to eat something else you can order from a small selection of a la carte dishes as well.

Special hotel recommendation

Misool Eco Resort Beach

Raja Ampat has the highest diversity of corals and fish on earth. Around 1500 species can be found in this area. The beautiful house reef of the resort is just like a preview of this variety. Start your day with snorkeling in the clear blue water and round it up with a nice dusk or night dive. Have you ever seen a mandarin fish before? Here you get the chance to. The dive center also provides a professional environment for underwater photography. Besides the house reef there are many unique dive sites located pretty close to the Misool Eco Resort.

Misool House Reef Shark

Another important aspect of the resort is the environmental and social responsibility highlighted in the resorts marine conservation initiative “Misool baseftin”.
This charity initiative engages in empowering local communities to safeguard the future of the biodiverse reefs. This includes a 1200 sq km “no-take zone” conservation area protected by a locally staffed ranger patrol.
Furthermore 80% of the resorts staff are local people who get the chance to develop. The resort supports this by English lessons, job and dive trainings.
Besides different local projects, also financial support is offered to local schools and villages.


How to go to Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Resort Island

Garuda Indonesia provides direct flights to Sorong from Jakarta, Manado, and Makassar. Based on the fact that you and your luggage has to arrive on time in Sorong, you should calculate up to three days to reach the resort from Europe. Once a week the boat to the resort departs in Sorong between 8 and 9 o’clock in the morning. Depending on the weather situation the boat trip takes between four to eight hours. The boat is a basic one and simply too small to cross the open ocean in a comfortable way. It can be very bumpy and really exhausting. Especially for children and older people we cannot recommend this journey. The boat arrives at Misool Eco Resort between noon and tea time. Half an hour later leaving guests return with the same boat to Sorong.

As a once in a lifetime experience the trip to Misool Eco Resort is an outstanding adventure getaway destination for divers and underwater photographers. This is the best Robinson Crusoe paradise in Indonesia.

Address: Yellu, South Misool, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua 98483, Indonesia

You find the resorts website here.

Misool Clear Blue Water