Mount Kelimutu is a volcano located near the city of Moni, Flores Island, in Indonesia. The mountain boasts with three spectacular crater lakes on the top of the volcano that show different consistencies.

Lakes pass through periodic transformations. They change their colors according to the level of oxidation of the fluid specific to each lacquer, but also the level of iron and manganese that exist in the impregnations. In return, the level of oxidation is largely influenced by volcanic gases and precipitation speeds.

Lakes are not interconnected, that’s why colors change independently from each other. Only in 2016, lakes changed their colors six times. Unfortunately, the volcanic mechanism is not monitored, thus, scientists can’t rely on predictive models.

Tri-colored lakes of Kelimutu – a natural heritage

As we mentioned above, the lakes are unique and impressive. Two of them are nearby, while the third one is located 1.5 km away from the first two. The space that divides these lakes represent a narrow stone formation of steep craters, with heights between 50-150 m.

Other versions related to the color transformation of the lakes refer to the influence of sunlight and water microorganisms.

Mount Kelimutu is a great place for hiking

Mount Kelimutu has an altitude of 1.639 meters above the sea level and is one of the perfect hiking spots in Nusa Tenggara. The difference is the spectacular landscape you will find at the top of the mountain, namely those three lakes combined with a sun show and tropical forests.

Hiking is an activity adored by tourists but also locals. To avoid paying the entrance fee, you must pass the National Park gate shortly before 4 AM – that is if you prefer to travel without a guide.

However, we recommend contacting a local guide. They will create an itinerary according to your free time and preferences. Hiking on Mount Kelimutu is often compared to an easy trip. After a hill route, you will get to a ladder that goes up to the highest point of the mountain. This makes hiking activity be easier, but equally culminating.