Siladen Diving


Going to Siladen diving means there are some outstanding dive spots to consider like Lekuan II or Pangalisang. Of course, in this region are around fifty different dive spots but the pictures are taken there. As one of the best diving areas of the world you can look forward to a great maritime diversity in Manado.

Special highlights of Siladen diving

Beside Raja Ampat, Manado is one of the best diving areas in Indonesia. Nowhere else you will find a higher biodiversity. Famous species in this area are mandarin fish, turtles, scorpion fish, coral crabs, and nudi. We want to highlight just two of our must see dive spots which can be reached best from the Siladen Resort.

©Rebecca Schmitt



You are looking for a beautiful coral garden and one turtle after the other? We’ve never seen so many turtles on one place like at the underwater wall at Pengalisang. So based on a conservation program to protect and safeguard turtles in 2004 the area is today a real turtle paradise. Moreover the currant in this area is not too strong that makes it easy to dive. On top of the wall there is a colorful coral garden.

©Rebecca Schmitt


©Rebecca Schmitt

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