1. Why to go: Gili – Backpackers and fullmoon parties
2. What you need: Equipment and packing list
3. How to go to Gili islands
4. When to go: The best travel time for Gili
5. Where to stay in Gili
6. What to do in Gili



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1. Why to go: Gili – Backpackers and fullmoon parties

Gili are three islands in the vicinity of their famous neighbors of Lombok and Bali. Although its popularity has grown significantly in the last two years, they still remain unknown to many tourists. Therefore visitors oversee the islands. Unfortunately, growth in tourism has caused damage to coral reefs in the region, but Gili islands are however ideal for snorkeling and diving.


Booking the trip, a day in advance gives you the opportunity to customize your tour around the three islands. Your customized trip includes special spots that are frequently visited by sea turtles. Gili islands have more than twenty diving companies offering diving classes. This means that diving is one of the most popular activities on the islands, and is one of the reasons why visitors come to the Gili islands. The different dive sites show a colorful variety of the underwater world. The owners of local business’ cooperate in partnerships to maintain the marine ecosystem for the next generation.


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One of the main reasons why you should not miss a trip to the Gili islands is that it is so easy and quick to come from Bali and Lombok. If you are traveling in the area anyway, why not plan for an additional period of one or two days to discover the three islands most people have never heard of before? If you are looking for an incredible relaxation place, with no busy streets, traffic jams, and exhaust fumes: The Gili islands are the best for you, no cars and motorcycles. In fact, there are no concrete quality streets. On Gili Trawangan, on the main road along the beach are most restaurants, bars, and shops. The side streets branching off the main road lead to different types of accommodation.



On Gili islands you will find less pollution than somewhere else. This is based on the fact that the traffic was covered by traditional horse-drawn carriage and bike. Those transporting options cover all activities as can be seen around the island, in a restaurant, bar, hotel to meet any friends or other support. Gili Trawangan serves you a beautiful beach with crystal waters, too. Surprisingly, you can see the world under water up to 10 meters’ deep. Moreover these three islands are a Paradise for young people and backpackers.




2. What you need: Equipment and packing list

Camera with extra battery and memory card, insect repellent (Flores is Malaria area), medications and copies of prescriptions, swimsuit, diving or snorkeling equipment, especially bathing shoes, a pair of flip-flops, substantial pair of shoe, a couple of T-shirts, shorts and/or skirts, tank tops, dresses; light long-sleeved top that goes with anything and everything, your bank and credit card (Notify your bank before going and alert them to your approximate itinerary). On Gili islands it makes sense to have enough cash because it’s not as easy to find ATMs.


3. How to go to Gili

The best way to go to the Gili islands is for a daytrip via Lombok or Bali by boat.


4. When to go: The best travel time for Gili

Gili Islands have a very good climate which is a mix of dry and hot in the day and somewhat cool at night. Visiting during the dry season is the best so that you can have the tropical islands experience and the best time to go to the Islands is from September to November for the perfect weather yet have less number of tourists. Travelers do avoid rainy season from November to April, but rain does not really fall that much and July-August and December-January are regarded as tourist season.


5. Where to stay on Gili islands

Our recommendations for high-end travelling is to stay in Lombok and make a day trip by boat (around one hour) to the Gili islands. Along the beach you find some bars and simple restaurants serving local and international dishes.


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6. What to do in Gili

Go sea kayaking: Navigate the Gili islands from Kayak Sea. You might be lucky and end up rowing with manta rays and sea turtles next to you. Karma Kayak which can be found in the North of Trawangan beach organizes excursions, day trips including lunch break on the beach.

Fishing and barbecue: Fishing trips are often offered combined with boat rides. Here you are allowed to catch your own fish even with the bare hand if experienced or fishing tools and then grilled. Of course, there is nothing fresher and tastier! Please don’t forget to try spear fishing.

Driving around the island: Biking is very exciting on this island and you can move around one of three Gili Islands in less than an hour. Take towels and snorkel gear with you and take the time to splash in the water walk along the coastal road. Do not forget to bring water, too.


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Taking a ride with “Cidomo”: A walk on one of the ubiquitous wagon using bicycles as the only means of transport here is an adventure on its own. It can be a little bumpy sometimes.

See tournament “stick fight”: An “ex-dividend” called by the locals, Sasak traditional fight is usually between two fighters randomly selected and equipped with a stick and a shield. The fight is accompanied by music played by people called “Beleganjur”. It is at times seems a bit abrupt with blood flowing but this is the only way popular. Anyway, traditional sports fighters still have the cordial relationship with each other. There is usually dancing and sometimes comedy while the fighters are resting. As a visitor you can also join but should not be surprised if the locals get perfect results since it’s their tradition. The game generally takes place on the market on Sunday afternoons.