1. Why to go: Lombok – Pure nature and quiet beaches
2. What you need: Equipment and packing list
3. How to go to Lombok
4. When to go: The best travel time for Lombok
5. Where to stay in Lombok
6. What to do in Lombok


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1. Why to go: Pure nature and quiet beaches

Lombok is an island in the East of Bali, however, less renowned than its neighbor. Each year countless tourists are interested in Bali, whereas several places on Lombok area are still untouched. Many tourist attractions there are still unknown.
You’ll forever be stunned of how quiet the unspoiled island is compared to Bali as close as it is to its sister island. Another necessary purpose to notice is that Lombok island’s tranquility is additionally attributed to the restricted bars and nightclubs that may play music from hour to dawn. If you’re searching for an island getaway, with uncrowded world class beaches and undisturbed sensible night’s rest, this island is your place to be!


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The beauty of Lombok can be compared with its sister island, with an endless stretch of amazing beaches and a mystically volcano, among several other untouched beauties. You will find intimate places for stunning sunrises and sunsets. This can be an ideal place for honeymoons.

If you wish to trek, the Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia – a sacred place for Ba and Sasak. This may be a magic trekking that you may do in two to six days, three to four days are ideal thus you’ll have the time to reach the highest point, fish within the crater lake, see one of the most stunning sunrises from the crater rim. This trek is one experience in South East Asia, you would possibly remember that it’s not a simple one. Particularly at the end when every step you take is sinking within the volcanic sand. Marvelous however exhausting if you’re not ready physically.


2.What you need: Equipment and packing list

Camera with extra battery and memory card, insect repellent, medications and copies of prescriptions, swimsuit, a pair of flip-flops, substantial pair of shoe, shoes for decent dinner, cover up clothing, a couple of T-shirts, shorts and/or skirts, tank tops, dresses; light long-sleeved top that goes with anything and everything, your bank and credit card (Notify your bank before going and alert them to your approximate itinerary). Please don’t forget your travel documents and if you intend to drive a car or motorbike take your international driving license with you.


3. How to go to Lombok

There are international direct flights from Singapore, Perth, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor Bahru in Malaysia. In case you travel via Bali you can take a 30 minutes flight with Garuda Indonesia. Another otption might be the speed boat or ferry. The trip to Sengigi or Teluk Kodek on Lombok takes up to 2 hours. Some local speed boat providers are: Blue Water Express, Marina Srikandi, Scoot, Semaya, Gili Gili, Gili Cat, Eka Jaya, Island Getaway.


4. When to go: The best travel time for Lombok

In general, Bali and Lombok have a similar weather, although Lombok receives less rain than Bali. The hot and sticky season lasts from October to March. During December and February the wet season brings daily rain. From June to August, the temperature drops slightly and there’s typically a refreshing cool breeze in the air. Humidity is high throughout the rainy season and better in the dry season. The dry season, known as “summer” by the locals even though it’s the southern hemisphere, is cooler and much more pleasant. The best time to go to Lombok is during dry the season from April to October.


5. Where to stay in Lombok

There are some really nice resorts in Lombok, especially for a quiet getaway or romantic honeymoon e.g. on Sengigi Beach in the South-East of Lombok. In case you want to do day trips to the Gili islands you can just choose your hotel next to the islands in the East of the island. It’s an one hour boat trip from the Oberoi or The Lombok Lodge. We can recommend the best resorts in Lombok.


6. What to do in Lombok


Chill out at the Beach, obviously: Lie down on a soft powdery white sand and relax on one of the secluded beaches. The most popular beach is the Tanjung Aan and Kuta Beach in the South of Lombok because of its remoteness. If you’e got the time to sail off to the little islands of Gili islands, simply go by boat for your exclusive beach hang around.


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Lombok scuba Dive: The Gili islands with its clear blue-green waters and lush submarine life are where everybody goes snorkeling and diving. Gili is blessed with a lot of professional dive shops with a certified dive master. The most famous one is Dream different, Makaira nigricans, Trawangan Dive, Manta Dive, Blue Coral, and Dive state. The area is appropriate from beginners to advanced.
Hike up Mount Rinjani: The second highest volcano in Indonesia is Rinjani and one of the most popular ones for travelers, side by side with the likes of Mount Bromo. It’s because of its beauty. At 2,700m, you may already soak in the beautiful crater lake view. One’s visiting the island wouldn’t be complete until you reach Mount Rinjani. Following this guide or hiking tour up to Mount Rinjani is highly recommended in Lombok.



Visit Bau Nyale festival: One of the foremost festivals is that of Bau Nyale, happening in Kuta. The tradition is to catch sea worms and this takes place around the middle of February. This festival is a result of a popular myth and legend says that a princess submerged herself within the ocean in order to escape her father’s decision to marry somebody she didn’t wish to. So she made this resolution to avoid discordance between her family and the entire kingdoms. The belief is that the princess body transformed into sea worms and Sasak locals (people from Lombok) follow this tradition yearly because the princess said she will visit them every year and never give up on her people.